Modern concrete driveway resurfacing in Scarsdale, NY

Modern concrete driveway resurfacing Old concrete driveways with cracks, surface discoloration or surface imperfections need not be removed or replaced. There are many options available for transforming an old driveway, pool deck or patio into a new decorative concrete surface. Depending upon the condition of the existing driveway conditions. Property owners end up saving a … Read moreModern concrete driveway resurfacing in Scarsdale, NY

QuadCore Metal Panels Installations

Kingspan’s QuadCore installations in New York area First introduced to the North American market, QuadCore Technology delivers the ultimate in thermal performance, fire protection, and health & wellness. Backed by an industry-first 30-year thermal warranty. Kingspan’s top-of-the-line QuadCore insulation is now standard on all of its BENCHMARK Designwall 4000 insulated metal panels. When the QuadCore … Read moreQuadCore Metal Panels Installations

Waterproofing Contractor

Cementitious Waterproofing Contractor NY/NJ Despite advances in building construction and high-tech materials, it doesn’t take much to do extensive damage to the structural support or interior of a building. In fact, it could be said that a building is waging a constant battle with the outside elements, and no element presents such a constant threat … Read moreWaterproofing Contractor

Ameripolish Certified Installer

Hands-on Certification Seminar Ameripolish was hosting a day hands-on training class. The event was taken place August 21 at the APE Companies, Bristol, PA. DUOMIT specialists have learned about new Ameripolish® products for polished concrete and techniques from Ameripolish experienced Technical Support team. • Received Ameripolish® Academy Graduate Certificate • Met the Tech Support Team … Read moreAmeripolish Certified Installer

We are hiring!

Foreman & Laborers DUOMIT is a leading provider of polished concrete, epoxy, urethane and hard surface floor systems to the industrial, commercial and retail markets. DUOMIT provides a comprehensive floor Safety & Risk Program, ensuring a safe work environment with on-going training and state-of-the-art equipment. A successful candidate must demonstrate initiative, be a self-starter with … Read moreWe are hiring!

Metallic Epoxy Floor Contractor NYC

Decorative Metallic Epoxy Floor Installer NYC  The metallic epoxy concrete surface is a very exotic-looking flooring option. Unlike with solid single color pigment or chips, no two metallic floors are alike. Metallic epoxy floor utilizes a clear 100% solid epoxy base, and the translucent floors are colored by whatever metallic multiple colors powder is being used. These coatings … Read moreMetallic Epoxy Floor Contractor NYC

Microcement flooring NYC

The DUOMIT’s crew aims to develop and expand a unique flooring concept with micro-cement materials named Loft micro topping. By developing a number of initiatives that promote broad individual and community wellbeing, the project seeks to create a more inclusive and supportive flooring environment for the existing businesses with old floors need to be treated. DUOMIT … Read moreMicrocement flooring NYC

The Importance of choosing the right dust extractor

Choosing the right Dust Extraction Equipment for whatever machine you’re using, or having the appropriate ones available when renting out various pieces of surface preparation equipment is incredibly important. Other than the fact that you need the two pieces to fit together accordingly, there are a few other key reasons you don’t want to overlook. … Read moreThe Importance of choosing the right dust extractor