Textured Concrete

Textured Concrete – Art Techniques to Enhance Outdoor Slab

textured Concrete finishes Comparison

Firstly, concrete texture finishes vary from simple to sophisticated and economical to pricey. Secondly, some finishes are easy to install; others require certain knowledge and skills. Furthermore, specific textured finishes deliver functionality, while others are exceptionally decorative. Read on to determine which alternative is best fits your expectations.

Stenciled Concrete

In fact, concrete stenciling might be a superb substitute to stamped decorative concrete while allowing a similar flexible design. Moreover, Stencils are normally in use in combination with sealed concrete. A concrete engraving machine can also create similar effects.

Exposed Aggregate

Surely, an exposed-aggregate finish is a result of removing the top cement surface to open coarse decorative aggregate. The most common decorative aggregates are natural stones such as granite, basalts, or limestone. Moreover, you can use seashells or recycled colored glass and other decorative particles on the concrete surface.

Stamped Concrete

Concrete stamping, generally called imprinted or textured concrete is a technique of concrete finishing that outlines a view of natural stone, such as flagstone or slate, brick, and even wood. Also, Concrete sealer is a trendy way of enhancing and even coloring surfaces that emphasize the stamped pattern.

Wood Looking Textured Concrete

As a matter of fact, This wood-textured method delivers to you a more gentle texture than the stamp concrete method. Also, the final product looks similar to real wood plank comparing to stamping and is more affordable. The coloring techniques have a wide variety of alternatives.

Concrete Floor Finishes

Lastly, check this out if you are looking for concrete floor finishes:

Broom Finish Concrete

Finally, a cementitious product applicable using a squeegee or trowel and sprayable. It has highly effective leveling and re-texturing abilities. You can achieve a beautiful design for both exterior and interior concrete. Broom Finish creates a texture that refreshes any old or dull concrete.

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