Proven Flooring Solutions

Most Proven Flooring Solutions for Your Commercial Property

Choosing DUOMIT as your flooring contractor in the Greater New York area means achieving Proven Flooring Solutions that will give superior service life following all aspects of its intended use. Our concrete restoration services are clean, dustless, and minimally intrusive in daily operations compared to other methods of repair and remediation. We are “full service” Commercial Concrete Contractors for different Concrete Floor Finishes.

Concrete floor finishes are the way to a perfect floor

DUOMIT will come to your job site and fix not only common but also complicated problems with concrete floors. And we use only the best commercial concrete repair materials available in today’s market. With our most innovative concrete grinders, shavers, and polishers we can help solve your flooring issues.

Please contact us to discuss what DUOMIT can do for you, how we would approach your challenge, and why understanding leads to long-term commercial concrete repair solutions in the Greater New York area that enjoy the best guarantees in the business. Request your Free Estimate to start working with us today!

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