Glitter Epoxy Floor

Glitter Epoxy Floor – Top Designer’s Choice

Glitter Epoxy Floor is a modern design flooring option for a New York City Office. A perfect stylish office should make you feel comfortable and relaxed. The interiors should cheer you up and create a perfect calming ambiance during a stressful day.

It exudes a striking glow that can bring cheer to the gloomiest of places. The colors and designs of the glitter flooring give endless possibilities for any designer’s project, whether it is residential or commercial. Charming glowing space extracts positive energy from their visitors.

Your Interior Sparkle Floor That Glowing

Glitter Epoxy Countertop
Glitter Epoxy Countertops

An installer could do the best glitter epoxy floor only on a smooth and well-prepared concrete floor. If you have a rough cement floor you will never get the best outcome with glitter floor.

The clear top sealer wears off the high spots of pitted floors in a length of time but will stay in the lower spots with foot traffic. Pedestrian wear traffic exposes the glitter which will flake and peel, and finally, it looks terrible.

Concrete grinding and proper surface preparation are the musts for a highly esthetic glitter epoxy floor. Contractors should patch all those pits with a commercial-grade filler before epoxy installation.

Highly resistant polyurethane topcoat Satin or Gloss should be applied on the top of glitter flooring for exceptional protection. These types of sealers usually provide a highly reflective shine when dry.

The use of glitter or sparkling flooring ideas adds a new dimension to your drab and dull spaces with their bright colors and amazing mirror specks.

Glitter Epoxy Countertops

The glitter epoxy flooring, in fact, replacing all the other traditional tiling materials like granite and marble in modern homes and offices. They are versatile and look great on the floors of kitchens, bathrooms, foyers, hallways, bedrooms, and conference rooms.

They can also easily adorn the bar top epoxy or epoxy countertops with an aluminum epoxy glittering effect. Many other options like gold glitter for floor epoxy coat over an old cement floor. Mix the glitter with epoxy, and you will get a stylish floor coating.

Finally, take advantage of bright and innovative colors to add a special glow to your interiors. Also, white interiors in the studios look great if you can add some brightness to wonderful colors like greens and yellows.

How to make glitter epoxy flooring?

As a matter of fact, most decorative glitter floor applications use a larger size glitter powder (0.040). At the same time, if you want to achieve a more fine sparkle effect, then you might want to go with the ultra-fine size (0.008).

Firstly, the application process starts mixing high-solid epoxy with glitter powder; this technique is very similar to metallic epoxy floor application. You install the first adhesive coat on the prepped and vacuumed surface, primed with a pigmented epoxy base color (black or grey).

Glitter Epoxy Floor

Further glitter epoxy coat most likely will be installed the next day, unless you use fast setting hardener (catalyst). After installing 2 coats of the glitter epoxy layers, inspect the floor and see if you like the consistency.

Carefully mix a necessary volume of epoxy with glitter, usually 3 gal mix, and dump it on the floor. Distribute the material using the magic trowel and make a backroll with an 18” roller. Mix another batch and dump it on the floor; always keep a wet edge. The best technique is when you blend a fresh material with the product on the floor.

Pros and Cons of Glitter Installations

From our experience, for total area coverage, you will be buying more glitter pigments than you actually use. If you do a topcoat with a sparkle effect, you will toss glitter into the air and distribute it onto the wet material. Try to avoid throw it sideways as you tend to get streaks.

After the material dries, you will be able to use a soft brush to remove the extra loose glitter that did not stick to the epoxy or polyurethane. Another option of spreading the glitter on the fresh epoxy is an air gun. Lastly, you lay down a protective seal coat of polyaspartic coating or polyurethane to cover the glitter epoxy floor. Make sure to follow the materials manufacturer’s instructions regarding multiple layers.

Use a combination of colors for added beauty in your spaces. Lastly, imagine a great design for your office and apply it in your event spaces using glitter floors. Request your Free Estimate now to tell us more about your project. Read more about Decorative Concrete and Gymnasium Flooring.