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DUOMIT – is your experienced installer of modern solutions for floors and walls for any Retail, Commercial, Industrial or Institutional application. Our experts can deliver an easy-to-maintain flooring solution or highly innovative façade system that will satisfy you and your tenants for years and years using patented, safe solutions, proprietary equipment, and specialized processes.

We serve Greater New York City, Long Island, and New Jersey.

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We define solutions to meet the challenges of any complexity.

Lower Human Impact – Automatic Equipment – Safety Standards – Go Green

We practice safety—as a concept and a working lifestyle. As a result, we are increasing interest in environmentally friendly flooring solutions in industrial, public, and retail areas. Our solutions contribute to a cleaner environment and a better working environment, lower lifecycle cost, long-endurance, and the natural flooring choice for the industry, retail, and public areas like education and health care.


Styles Of Polished Concrete

Concrete floors are specified in new home construction in many ways, from the concrete mix to troweling to grinding, finishing, and polishing after it’s cured. In this article, we’ll take a look at these decisions.

Epoxy Screed

Epoxy Screed Trowel System is an epoxy-based, resin-rich, aggregate-filled, seamless floor resurfacer with outstanding durability

Spalling Concrete Treatment

There are many causes of spalls, including pressure or expansion inside the concrete, bond failure in two-course constructions, impact loads, fire, and weathering.

Microcement Flooring – What Is It?

Microcement is indeed a fantastic material for use in the floors and walls of kitchens, bathrooms, and even outdoor spaces such as terraces, which is where it is used par excellence.

Floor Coving Basics

In industrial, commercial, and institutional settings, seamless floor and cove systems offer a wide range of impressive benefits.

Epoxy Floor Cost per Square Foot

The right commercial or industrial floor solution can make or break a business more than just a line item under the design-build plan or renovation project.

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