Stained Concrete Floors

Concrete Stain

Stained Concrete Floors NYC

Staining imparts a luxurious richness that can’t be achieved by any other coloring medium. Stains permeate the concrete to infuse it with translucent tones varying on different surfaces and techniques of application.

The results can mimic everything from polished marble to tanned leather to natural stone or even stained wood. Commercial floors Concrete Stain can be applied as Acid Stain Concrete or Water-based Stains.

Both types of stain can be applied to new or old and plain or integrally colored concrete. They are especially effective for revitalizing dull surfaces.

Most stains have excellent UV stability and wear resistance, permitting their use on interior or exterior concrete.

Stains and concrete dyes can be applied to any cementitious surface including self-leveling concreteconcrete overlaysfloor polish concrete. They are not like paints that cover the surface.

Stains and dyes blend into concrete enhancing the surface, not covering it. The combination of stains and dyes can be used to create custom floors with the appearance of natural stone.

Or a more vivid appearance with artistic expression. The result is a mottled appearance. Once applied the floors can be sealed with water-based sealers, epoxy, and high-performance urethanes.

Stained Concrete

DUOMIT provides these techniques for staining concrete floors, which can be used in residential homes and commercial facilities.

As experienced stained concrete contractors we know the importance of properly preparing a surface and completing a beautiful job.

We have completed many projects in restaurants, retail stores, office buildings, showrooms, and many other locations.

Stained concrete can enhance and beautify both interior and exterior concrete stain. Concrete staining can be a very cost-effective solution to other types of flooring.

Acid Stain Concrete Floors

Concrete condition and age are very important for successful acid staining process. Keep these questions in mind when determining whether or not your slab is a good candidate for acid staining.

The concrete slab must be free of debris, dirt, and oils, paint, drywall mud, adhesive, or sealers. Acid stain cannot react properly with the concrete if these conditions are present.

The slab should not have any waterproofing additives, cleaned with muriatic acid or a heavy tri-sodium phosphate. The acid stain chemical reaction cannot occur on surfaces treated with these products.

DUOMIT applying concrete stains with a vast array of colors and choices of stain. Concrete staining can be performed on almost any concrete surface.

We work to perform the desired color and finish of the decorative concrete floor that you want.

With stains, you have the ability to add subtle hints of color, bolder design accents, and even custom graphics. Stains can be applied to both new or existing concrete floors and work equally well with concrete overlays.

What’s more, because concrete stains penetrate deeply into the concrete surface, they produce fade-resistant, permanent color. Unlike with a paint or coating, the color won’t flake off or peel away. See our photo gallery.

There are endless decorative effects you can achieve with acid or water-based stains. The best approach is to keep it simple, using just one stain color in a hue that will complement your decor.

Or you can be more daring and use multiple stain colors to create custom looks. Although shades of brown and gray are the most popular stain colors for concrete floors.

Cleaning Tip: Decorative concrete floors are very easy to clean. Use a mild dishwashing soap or plain water for everyday cleaning.

Avoid using steam cleaners or strong chemical detergents as they can damage the wax finish.

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