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Epoxy Flake Floor

Epoxy Flake Floor – Durable Decorative Solution

Any old concrete floor needs to be treated and renovated properly. Sometimes, Flakes Epoxy Floor is the only choice, when you have an extremely damaged concrete with a lot of cracks and spalls. Hygienic and durable Epoxy Flake Floor is a decorative coating, seamless and customizable flooring option. The full broadcast of Vinyl Flakes hides absolutely all imperfections and gives you Terrazzo like finish when using a mix of colored flakes.

Chemical resistant and low-maintenance Seamless Flooring has been successfully used in hospitals, hotels, casinos, schools, stadiums, veterinary clinics, laboratories, garage floors, and government buildings.  And become a popular decorative floor finish for dining areas and restaurant flooring. Anti-microbial epoxy resins will guaranty exceptional protection from bacterias and endure spills from oils, detergents, acids, and other surface contaminants. The flakes are a way to diversify the decorative appearance of the concrete surface.

Flake Epoxy Floor

Epoxy Flake Floor System uses 100% solids epoxy resins as a standard or metallic epoxy floor.  And includes an additional layer of flakes applied within the epoxy to create visually stunning one-of-a-kind floor finishes. Flakes System is a fluid applied flooring and always consist of a Satin or Gloss finish long-wearing polyurethane topcoat. The results a unique, slip-resistant or smooth durable floor. You can always vary the roughness of the floor by using a different technique of topcoat application.

Full chip broadcast flooring includes layers of paint chips broadcast into the fresh epoxy base, then encapsulated by a polyurethane topcoat.  Our clients can choose from small and macro chip sizes. Full chip broadcast flooring may include 1 (one) solid color flakes or a combination of 2-4 colors, or even custom color flakes. The texture and color of flakes pattern are camouflaging dirt and debris, while maintains a clean look. This easy to clean Flake Epoxy Floor helps to hide all imperfections in the subfloor.

Epoxy Flake Flooring: New Trend

The flakes flooring system is a decorative resinous floor, may include a wide range of flake sizes. It’s a high-performance seamless flooring consisting of base coat, decorative flake chips, and polyurethane topcoat. Chip Color provides a terrazzo-like appearance with minimal maintenance.

Chip Flooring guaranty excellent adhesion to various concrete substrates, provide UV stability, superior abrasion and chemical resistance over pre-engineered floors. Designers could enhance their high-performance environment by adding multi-colored custom floor and texture to complement any decor. Resinous flooring provides a flexible surface that deadens the noise of carts and foot traffic. Waterproofing options could be achieved by adding a Moisture barrier layer.

Epoxy Flake Floor is sanitary and designed for commercial, retail and institutional facilities. Growing popularity among designers, architects, and floor owners. Proven by unique properties that deliver complete customization to residential, commercial and industrial floors with an endless texture and range color-styles.

Epoxy Flake Colors