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Concrete Contractors

We offer our professional services to owners and general contractors and are ready to subcontract a job in the Greater New York area. If you need solutions to your project issues and want the best to take care of you, please get in touch with us immediately.

Flooring Contractors Near Me

DUOMIT, as your Flooring Contractor, provides solutions for industrial warehouses, storage facilities, and retail or residential areas. The industrial or commercial use processes typically include concrete polishing and grinding, surface preparation, old glue/coatings removal, shot blasting, and scarifying.

Local Supervising And Serving

Furthermore, stained and sealed concrete, epoxy coatings, and paint, self-leveling concrete and polishable overlayment, terrazzo flooring, decorative loft flooring, parking garage floors, hardwood refinishing, and renovation. 

Finally, we can analyze your facility and provide remediation and low-maintenance decorative solutions.

International Branches

European Headquarters DUOMIT Group.