Metallic Epoxy Floor

What is Metallic Epoxy Floor?

Metallic Epoxy Floor is a special next-generation decorative epoxy coating blend of metallic powder and clear high-solid epoxy resin to create elegance and style effects. In fact, the concrete surface sealed with metallic epoxy is a very exotic coating solution. The metallic additives continue to flow through the epoxy as it cures, creating a nacreous effect, and the lava flows. As a matter of fact, there are no two metallic epoxy floors alike.

Metallic coating takes advantage of a mix of clear 100% solids epoxy base with metallic powder of multiple colors. As a result, you achieve translucent floors. These coatings create a deep-looking and glossy surface with various colors and visual effects.

That is to say, some of them have a beautiful three-dimensional appearance. That gives the illusion of craters, ripples, and swirling rivers of metallic-looking plasma. In a metallic system, metallic pigments are dispersed in various mixes to create seamless flooring. These floors are perfect for nightclubs, automotive showrooms, retail establishments, residential interiors, and respectable boutiques.

Moreover, a shiny surface and topcoat with the mirror’s effect make a fantastic choice for a commercial space. This brushed black floor will look unreal in any office or other retail space with a modern interior and furniture. It looks great in black, as well as with wooden surfaces.

Metallic Epoxy Floor Green
Green Metallic Epoxy Floor

How durable is metallic epoxy Coating?

Besides the attractive look, an epoxy pure metallic system is also known for its durability and abrasion resistance. The installation process is artistic, provides various applications, and is easy to clean. The dirt will never get into it and never make you concerned while cleaning. Your floor will always be spotless with no effort for maintenance.

In fact, the shiny reflection gives it a glamor look. It will increase the artist feeling you get in your space that you can’t get with standard epoxy floor paint.

Also, the first step into the room with this kind of floor will leave everyone breathless and wondering what other surprises you may have for them. Besides, this looks very close to 3D flooring.

How much does metallic epoxy floor cost?

As a matter of fact, metallic epoxy should not be compared with a basic epoxy flake or solid color epoxy that gives you a more commercial look.

As a result, metallic epoxy floor costs range from $7 to $12 per square foot, depending on size, surface condition, and project location.

What are the pros of metallics?

While the positives of the metallic system far exceed the negatives, it is great to look at the cons and pros during the decision process. Here’s what we’ve for you:

  • Unique Design. Each metallic epoxy job is unique and amazing. The applicator cannot repeat the effects with different pigments with any other methods. There is no right or wrong technique.
  • Emphasize your office. Lava flowing effects are unique in their own way, and a metallic coating is never wrong. One might not look as good as the other, but that is where creativity comes in.
  • Durable. The polyaspartic topcoat offers the best scratch and UV-resistant layer for metallic coatings.
Metallic Epoxy Black Base Grey Color
Gunmetal and Slate Metallic Epoxy

Decorative Epoxy – Handcrafted Masterpiece

In fact, because no two metallic epoxy floors will ever be alike, we never do a hard sample board for clients. Thus, a customer can only choose different pigments and colors, and everything else is the artistic work and design of applicators.

The greatest thing about these awesome floors is they are only as good as the installer’s artistic ability.

Layering a lot of colors can harm the design. Thus, single color improves the intensity of the same color base. The two-tone metallic layer over a different color base coat makes it unique. We’ve found out that any more than three colors make a blend of hues that gives a dramatic look to space.

We use one or two colors for most of the work, but it is available if you would like a third. Above all, our applicators each have their own way of applying 3D metallic epoxy floor.

We stress to potential customers that it’s not a floor they can easily shop around for pricing. If you like our work, it’s time to make your floor our way! Other guys won’t be able to replicate that artwork. Request a Free Estimate today from DUOMIT!

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Metallic Epoxy Pigments Color Chart

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