Traffic Coatings

Traffic Coating – Parking Deck Traffic Topping Installer

Traffic coating, or as they are also called Traffic Topping, always contact cars need to be resistant to a list of chemical substances like oil, fuel, acids. This isn’t all a car parking garage flooring has to face. The traffic topping has to be slip-resistant and non-yellowing (UV resistant) in a parking deck.

In fact, there are garage traffic coatings that can handle all of it easily. We use hard-wearing solvent-free membrane resin, high-performance chemical resistant coatings. They provide the best level of protection of flooring for the automotive sector.

Moreover, traffic coatings are attractive, bright, durable, and easy to clean. Also, our commercial epoxy flooring will free you from the hassles and worries of stains and spills, peeling, chipping. They address any concerns about oils, dirt, heavy traffic, or cleaning products like detergents, turpentine.

Whether it’s a new car parking building or a home garage, we use the same durable products and installation techniques. We make them both look and feel a world away from the dark and damages of the concrete floors.

Garage Traffic Topping

As a matter of fact, garage floor coatings provide more than just a tough finish. Our waterproofing toppings cosmetically enhance car parks, exceptionally durable and hard-wearing.

Traffic Coatings
Traffic Coating

In fact, it has a highly accredited fire rating when the surface is prepped properly. A modified polyurethane traffic topping system stick to the concrete, creating a surface that resists cracking and frustrating pealing.

Moreover, it looks great and easy to clean. It will resist high wear loads. Reactive resin floors are resistant to oil spillage, petrol, severe chemical and solvent attacks, including battery acid. Also, traffic coating consists of a base coat or membrane, a heavy-duty intermediate coat, and a topcoat.

Furthermore, this unique waterproofing system’s main goal of having high adhesion, abrasion resistance, and extreme impact, along with remarkable chemical stability.

As a result, the elastomeric properties of the components enable the complete system to give and work with the concrete slab, bridging the shrinkage cracks.

As a matter of fact, our solutions are backed by the promise of a comprehensive warranty and fast installation time. It provides an effective and convenient method of protecting new parking decks and enhancing the aging of concrete structures.

Parking Deck Traffic Coating

In general, parking deck topping is a cold-applied coating system that waterproofing concrete slabs and protecting other levels underneath water damage. Additionally, the system will protect the concrete from the damaging effects of deicing salts, chemicals, gasoline, water, oils, and anti-freeze.

Lastly, parking traffic coatings are the best investment that pays off quickly through the ease to clean and low maintenance requirements. The concrete surface is waterproof, and a high-pressure power wash will be your best friend when cleaning is necessary. In such an easy way, your project will not require any hard maintenance work.

Traffic Topping

Which Traffic Topping System is the Best Fit?

Despite a similar lifecycle cost and service life, all traffic coating systems have different maintenance cycles and performance issues. Neither of the systems could perfectly fit any projects. Engineers, architects, and specifiers who give the right answers can help their customers make the right decisions.

Make sure you control:

  • testing concrete moisture content before application;
  • verify material thickness after installation;
  • field-testing of the bond and the strength.

Finally, we use well-known manufacturers’ materials from SIKA, BASF, Vulkem – Tremco. If you have either refurbishment or new-build flooring project in your car park environment and need some advice from a flooring expert – contact DUOMIT today. We’d be happy to assist!

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