Concrete Cracks Repair

Concrete Cracks Repair

Concrete cracks and joints repair

Cracking of concrete is natural, expected, and accepted. However, cracks may affect performance and maintenance costs. For these reasons, building owners want cracks in interior and exterior slabs repaired.

Before choosing a crack repair option, concrete contractors should perform a crack evaluation and establish the repair objectives. DUOMIT prides itself on its concrete crack repair procedure for businesses in the Greater New York area.

We have completed a major amount of concrete expansion joints repair in industrial and commercial facilities. All control joints, hairline cracks, construction joints, and concrete slabs can be repaired by our professional team.

We have a wide array of patching materials available for floors and walls. Repairing cracks in concrete were never been easier.

DUOMIT uses only the best-proven crack fillers in the industry for repairing concrete slabs.

Which is why we offer the longest repair guarantees if using in polishing processes. DUOMIT analyzes the cracks and makes the best recommendation for the repair of each job individually.

Concrete Joints FillerJOINTS FILLING
The joint spacing filling is a process by which the shrinkage, construction, and isolation joints are filled. The majority of the joints in an industrial floor will consist of shrinkage, construction, and isolation in that order.

It is imperative for the continued integrity of the floor to upgrade concrete expansion joint filler frequently. Joint filling provides a two-fold purpose: protection and support for proper expansion contraction.

Protection is for the leading edge of the joint when perpendicular hard tire impact from forklift use. Support is provided when the joint filled in with a backer rod and primed with water-based epoxy.

Using a special caulking gun we distribute self-leveling sealant to a full depth within the joint, providing a closed cell. Thereby transferring the load momentarily to the shelf that has been established with the formation of the joint itself.

A joint that is not filled or filled improperly will cause a vast array of operational difficulties within a facility. Contrary to industry and property owner belief, a joint filing is not a once and done installation.

Due to high loadings, expand and contract processes – concrete joint filler needs to be applied each 3rd year. The joint should be maintained throughout the service life of the facility.

The first application needs to be delayed as long as possible after the initial place and finish. The second maintenance installation needs to be undertaken approximately 2-3 years after the initial finish of the desired joint fill material.

Joints Repair Contractors NYC

Expansion Joint Repair

Permaban Signature AR is an arris ‘repair and upgrades’ system for damaged contraction joints in concrete floors. The damaged concrete around the construction joint is cut away.

Signature AR is installed in its place, using a professional-grade mortar and concrete bonding agents manufactured by RCR Flooring Products. The distinctive Signature shape allows vehicles to cross in any direction, without impact and damage to the joint or vehicle.

This means Signature AR provides a once-and-for-all repair and is a vast improvement on the original straight joint.


  • Permanent, professional joint arris repair
  • Half-hexagon shape prevents impact damage from vehicle wheels crossing the joint
  • Helps reduce noise and vibration impact on forklift drivers
  • No need for future repairs – long-term cost savings
  • No need for a joint sealant (unless to prevent leachate)
  • Can be approached from any angle, even 90°, so suitable for directional traffic situations.
  • Allows flexibility in future building use.
  • Manufactured from strong glass reinforced nylon (GRN), for a robust repair that’s lightweight and cost-effective
  • Supplied in 42-inch lengths.  Can be cut down, or lengths clipped together for longer repairs.
  • Stable in all temperatures
  • UV stable; resistant to rusting; non-conductive
  • Can be cut at any point without compromising strength – use any length as required.
  • The material can be recycled at end of its life

Concrete Joint RepairApplications

  • Internal and external concrete joint arris repairs, and across doorways
  • Ideal for defined movement areas (transfer and racking aisles)
  • Suitable for freezer stores and anti-static environments (eg, electronics manufacturing)
  • Suitable for use with most vehicle types.

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To ensure high-quality, durable results, Signature AR is only available for installation by approved installers.  


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