Concrete Expansion Joint Repair

How to Repair a damaged Concrete Expansion Joint?

When is the Concrete Expansion Joint Repair needed? Firstly, concrete expansion joints are essential for your warehouse or factory floor. 

Secondly, damaged expansion joints cause forklifts or Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) trucks damage and can slow operations too. Thus, Our specialists use a professional repair system that provides a strong, permanent solution for damaged expansion joints. We solve your flooring issues once and for all.

Furthermore, Our innovative joint repair solution for bridging expansion joints. Also, the reinforced composite profile is extremely durable and robust. It is flush with the concrete floor after installation.

An expansion joint profile can be installed and bear weight within 24 hours after execution. It is waterproof, coatable, and will provide a lasting bridge for thermal concrete expansion.

In fact, our installer can implement the joint repair system to renovate damaged warehouse or parking garage deck joints. It guarantees ecologically and economically expedient solutions for all your joint issues.

Expansion Joint Repair
Expansion Joint Repair

The main advantages of the expansion joint repair profile:

  • low-vibration over-ride with VNA trucks
  • protects expansion joints as well as wheels of equipment
  • preventing damage to the joints
  • the benefit of forklift drivers from a smooth effect.

A Professional Repair Service

Our expansion joint repair system is a complete replacement joint with a filling concrete leveling sealant. We repair old damaged concrete slab joints and seams. DUOMIT installs an entire expansion joint repair system that uses a professional, industrial-quality prefabricated composite profile.

We use replacement composite expansion joint, concrete bonding agent, crack filler fast setting screed, and appropriate surface finish to fill the joint application. You will get a complete concrete joint repair, requiring no ongoing maintenance.

Why use our joint repair system?

  • Providing permanent, professional joint arris repair
  • Impact damage caused by crossing vehicle wheels is minimized with a half-hexagon shape
  • Forklift drivers are less affected by noise and vibration
  • Future repairs are not needed, resulting in long-term savings; No maintenance is required – simply fit and forget
  • There will be more flexibility in future uses of the building
  • Lightweight and durable, made from glass-reinforced nylon (GRN) for a robust repair
  • All-temperature stable; UV-stable; corrosion-resistant; non-conductive

Where can you fix a concrete joint?

  • Repair of concrete joint arrises and doorways on the inside and outside
  • Suitable for moving defined areas (transfer aisles, racking aisles)
  • Ideal for freezers and anti-static environments (e.g., electronic manufacturing)
  • Most types of vehicles can be used with this product.
Permaban Signature AR
Permaban Signature AR

Robust Concrete Expansion Joint Repair without stopping operations

Unlike other joint repair systems, we use short lengths composite polymer joints, which can easily be clipped together to repair longer sections when necessary. Manufactured from a composite glass-reinforced polymer, the Permaban expansion joint repair system from RCR is callous, non-conductive, corrosion-free, chemical-resistant, and easy to handle.

Above all, For over 15 years, DUOMIT has been solving joint issues in buildings resulting from damage to concrete floors and floor joints. We strive for client-oriented and simple solutions. Broken joints and floor cracks cause our clients’ slow operations and costly problems.

We provide a simple and quick way to solve them. We are proud of what we have accomplished. Constant innovation of concrete joint systems and their functionality is a fundamental strength of our company.

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