3D Flooring – Handcrafted Masterpiece

What is 3D flooring?

Certainly, 3D flooring Epoxy is a unique combination of ultra-modern epoxy resin technology with a fabulous revival of decorative solutions and artistic traditions. Moreover, this is a build-up multi-layer coating with special acrylic-cementitious compounds, 3D mural, epoxy resins, and transparent polymers topcoats.

In fact, the core of 3D Epoxy technology is a high-quality decorative Mural – Vinyl Decal Wallpaper. Are you dreaming of such flooring? Let’s go deeper into how to install the best multi-dimensional floor of your dream.

Good to know that traditional methods of applying 3D floors use the following techniques to perceive unique flooring volume:

  • Installation of photorealistic images on the floor
  • Microscopic items on the similarity of coins, shells, etc.
  • Optical illusion.

What are the advantages of 3D Floor epoxy?

Well know facts that self-leveling epoxy 3D floor art has numerous advantages over other floor coverings:

  • versatility (can be used in different rooms: living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, corridors, offices);
  • seamless flooring means easy cleaning and maintenance
  • environmentally friendly and ecological
  • resistance to water and chemicals
  • variety of designs and decorative elements.
How to make 3D flooring
How to make 3D flooring

How to install 3D Flooring?

  1. Choose a Canvas. You must choose a painting or photo with a 3D effect or motion illusion. This will be your 3D floor murals or vinyl decal wallpaper in the future.
  2. Define a Perspective. You will need to define the direction and location of the future 3D floor mural on the floor.
  3. Decal Printing. Now when you have an exact idea of what will be on your floor and a Vinyl Decal is ready, it’s time to start the installation.
  4. Subfloor Preparation. The floor’s surface should be mechanically treated, primed, and repaired/patched before the next step.
  5. Coatings Application. Most Contractors should level every surface before base coat application. The installer should properly glue the decal to the leveled floor.
  6. Protection with a topcoat. As soon as the abrasion-resistant epoxy coating layer is installed over the canvas, resinous material should cover it with a wear-resistant polyurethane topcoat.

How much does 3D Flooring cost?

Firstly, the application of 3D images in epoxy is a complex and extended process and normally takes 5-7 days. The epoxy 3D flooring cost range depends on many aspects, such as the size of the project, subfloor condition, location, and design complexity.

Lastly, the standard 3D flooring cost of installation is $15-$25 per square foot. So, a smaller project or a bit more complicated design will be more labor-intensive, and installation costs will be higher. Thus, this cost includes all materials, use patterns (3D epoxy design, subfloor, base, and topcoats), surface preparation, and installation work.

3D flooring in bedroom

What are the disadvantages of 3D image Coatings?

In fact, 3D epoxy flooring looks fairly fabulous. It’s easy to maintain, as well as durable, and highly attractive. Moreover, it gives you the freedom to have one-of-a-kind designs throughout your home, from your bathroom and kitchen to your living room, bedroom, and beyond.

But before you make your final choice to install this type of decorative flooring, there are some disadvantages to consider:

  • Firstly, 3D epoxy floor coatings are expensive. You will most likely need the pros who have the necessary tools and experience and know what they’re doing.
  • Secondly, the quality of the materials is essential, also necessary prep to your floors and flawless image application so that the final coating will be spotless and seamless.
  • Thirdly, always a problem to find professionals. Despite the growing demand on the market, many flooring companies offer 3D epoxies but do not install them, at least not yet.
  • That means, in addition to the cost of supplies and labor, might end up paying a premium just because this type of decorative floor is so hard to get.

3D Epoxy Design Cons

As a matter of fact, once the coating is set on the floor, it needs to cure before you can step on it. Usually, it takes 2-3 days. Also, make sure that other contractors avoid the room while installing 3d murals in the process.

Another thing is that 3D epoxy floor art might be something you like, but it could not charming to other people. Think about the property’s long-term value, counting how easy it will be to sell if you decide to move. Keep in mind that your 3D floor might be a push away to potential buyers.

3D Epoxy in the Living Room

Lastly, 3D floors, much like tiles or concrete, might be cold for your feet. They might not be applicable for certain rooms where you’d prefer to feel comfy, in the bedroom, for example.

Above all, 3D Epoxy coating is a new technology that provides an outstanding color variety, images, and materials to create a real decorative masterpiece. Also, the floor design system is highly wearing resistant, very hygienical, and protects moist rooms from mold.

Finally, 3D floor installation is technically hard work that demands a lot of experience and specialist knowledge. Decorative flooring is your leveled, seamless smooth finish. We are looking forward to seeing your incredible flooring ideas and implementing them into beautiful 3D floor art.

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