Self-leveling Epoxy

Why choose Self-leveling Epoxy Flooring?

Are you looking for an answer to why you choose a self-leveling epoxy? Self-leveling epoxy flooring tends to leave a perfectly smooth glossy surface where all unevenness and imperfections are completely invisible.

Meanwhile, roller-applied epoxy inclines to leave a rougher texture like an orange peel effect. Also, a roller-applied epoxy resin has a thinner layer which explains why you cannot get an ideally smooth appearance.

You can also ask why they both are ideal for commercial spaces?  Even though the application process and formulation are different, they create durable and strong protection for soft concrete.

What is Self-leveling Epoxy?

Self-leveling epoxy is an easy-to-apply floor coating that spreads throughout the floor and has self-level properties. Also, it creates a seamless surface across the floor.

Rather than use rollers to install the thin epoxy resin onto a floor that could cause unevennesses, self-leveling epoxy creates a balanced application and give you a truly even and smooth surface.

Self-leveling Epoxy

What are the Benefits Of Self-Level with Epoxy?


In fact, Epoxy is solid, among the strongest options available on the market. It will withstand significant foot traffic or even large loading equipment such as steamrollers and forklifts. This hardness gives it superior strength and guarantees a coating will last for years.

Easy to clean

You don’t need any more polishing or buffing your epoxy. Leveling epoxy requires little more than soap and water cleansing. All other intensive maintenance will be unnecessary unless you meet some specific compliance regulations.  Moreover, the self-leveling surface is seamless and antimicrobial.  If you require a cleanroom arrangement?  Resinous flooring with active anti-microbial additives is also an option.


Self-leveling epoxy looks glossy and beautiful, but it actually gives much of grips underfoot with quartz flooring.  Also, it’s safe to walk on when wet. One of the best choices for locker rooms, cafeterias, and other businesses where water or other liquid spills could be an issue.


Epoxy doesn’t have to be a blend. It uses a large variety of finishes and colors. You can mix it with a metallic pigment that creates a remarkable swirling lava effect. Self-leveling epoxy can enhance the feel and look of any brand’s setting.

Chemical resistance. Epoxy also greatly withstands most types of chemicals, even relatively caustic chemicals.  Besides, it resists fading or UV-light exposure. This further minimizes maintenance costs and increases its long-term value.

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