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Epoxy Floor Coating

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Floors that are always contacting with cars need to be resistant against many different chemical substances like oil, fuel, acids. This isn’t all a car park floor or garage flooring has to face. The Car Parking flooring has to be slip resistant and non-yellowing (UV resistant) in case of a parking deck.

Our Garage Floor Systems can handle all of it easily. We use hard-wearing solvent free epoxy resin, high-performance chemical resistant coatings. They provide the best level of protection of flooring for the automotive sector.

DUOMIT’s Garage Floor Coatings are attractive, bright, durable and easy to clean. Our commercial epoxy flooring will free you from the hassles and worries of stains and spills, peeling, chipping.

Any concerns about oils, dirt, heavy traffic or cleaning products like detergents, turpentine. Whether it’s a contemporary car park environment or a home garage, we use the same durable products and installation techniques. We make them both look and feel a world away from the dark and unwelcoming damaged concrete floors.

Garage Floor Coating

Our epoxy garage floor coatings provide more than just a tough finish. Our waterproof car park decking Garage Floor System cosmetically enhances car parks, exceptionally durable and hard-wearing.

Garage Floor Coating

It has a highly-accredited fire rating. When surface prepped properly, epoxy wicks into the concrete creating a tenacious bite that resists cracking and frustrating pealing.

Parking Garages are used for all kinds of parking from cars, bikes, and motorbikes, to lawnmowers and rubbish bins. That is why our Garage Floor Coatings makes good sense.

It looks great and easy to clean, it can withstand high loads. Reactive resin floors are resistant to oil spillages and petrol, severe chemical and solvent attack – including battery acid. Water is not a problem for these floors. Even if puddles are not cleared up for some time or if they are exposed to de-icing salt in winter.

Our solutions are backed by the promise of a comprehensive warranty and fast installation time. It provides an effective and convenient method of protecting new developments, as well as enhancing the aging of concrete structures.

Interspersed Colored Sand or Flakes/Color Chips in a variety of colors ensure that the storage space is visually appealing. Light soiling is barely visible on the floor. Other heavier soiling can be cleaned away using a high-pressure cleaner.  We use of vibrantly colored areas and outlined surface. Combination of signage and demarcation lines application help to improve site safety and create a bright environment.

You will notice much less time is required to clean your high solids garage floor epoxy coating (100 solids).  With simply a mop or broom messes are picked up easily and without hassle. This comes particularly easy during the winter when the roads are coated with salts.

Our garage top coat systems are able to be tailored to your slip-resistance requirements. Aiding you to keep slip and trip hazards to a minimum. We have specifications designed to minimize or eradicate irritating tire squeal noise.

Garage Floor coatings are an investment that pays off quickly through the ease of cleaning and low maintenance requirements. The concrete surface is waterproof and high-pressure power wash can be used when cleaning is necessary. Saving the need for any arduous or meticulous work.

The right parking garage flooring system can help keep energy costs in check. It can be difficult to keep multilevel parking garages well lit. Having a lighter colored floor can help with light reflectivity by multiplying the effect of existing light. This will help to save money on electricity.

If you have either refurbishment or new-build flooring project in your car park environment. Or a house and need some advice from a flooring expert – contact DUOMIT today, we’d be happy to assist!