Garage Floor Options – The Best 4 Ideas

What is the Best Garage Floor Finish?

What are your best garage floor options and ideas? If you’re ready to slightly boost your garage color and style, one of the most noticeable places to start is with the garage floor. Typical concrete garage floors are functional. However, there’s always a chance to make them even more comfortable and attractive.

There are many ideas for making a tidy garage floor, and many people have trouble choosing the right option for them. A practical way to begin choosing a new garage floor is to split the options into two groups: coverings and coatings. Here are the four trendy in 2021 options to consider.

Coverings: Mats and Tiles

Floor coverings are installed on top of the garage floor and can be relocated or completely removed when needed. Many different coverings could be used on top of your garage floor, but if you want to achieve a durable and wear-resistant surface, a product manufactured specifically to withstand all garage routines is required. Floor mats and tiles are the right products.

Coatings: Epoxy and Paint

Floor coatings are building materials that adhere directly to the concrete slab and are roller or brush applied in a thin coat. Epoxy and Paint are the leading options in this group.

1. Garage Floor Tiles

First of the best garage floor options is tiles. There is a range of interlocking garage floor tiles. These flexible tiles are easy to install and remove.


  • One of the main advantages of flexible garage floor tiles is that they are much comfortable standing and walking on over long periods of time.
  • These tiles have interlocking edges and form a little raised floor with enough strength to support cars.
  • Floor tiles are great options where a concrete slab is cracked in a hard to repair or deeply stained.


  • Floor Tiles can be expensive if the area is large
  • Seams are not watertight, so liquids can drain underneath and issue mold and mildew
  • Not UV-stable, possible discoloration.
Garage Floor Tiles

2. Garage Floor Mats

The second of the best garage floor options are mats. Floor Mats are waterproof and strictly designed to be recyclable and lightweight. Floor Mats will not scratch, crack, peel or curl like other coverings.


  • The most affordable floor coverings and Easiest to install
  • Common installation time 30 minutes per garage, No adhesive necessary
  • Unroll it and Can drive on it immediately


  • Fewer customizations available than garage tile
  • All surface imperfections will be visible through
  • Less durable than other coverings

3. Garage Floor Paint

Third of the best garage floor options is paint. If your garage floor is deeply stained with grease, oil ​and rust, you can easily refresh it by applying concrete floor paint.


  • The cheapest garage floor option
  • Available in a variety of latex-based or oil-based colors
  • Easy to apply – no special equipment or experience required


  • Long Dry time in high humidity
  • Vulnerable to chemicals (oil, gasoline, etc.)
  • Re-coating is needed every other year.

4. Garage Floor Epoxy

Another great garage floor option is Garage Floor Epoxy. True epoxy coatings harden by means of a chemical reaction between a resin and hardener. Genuine epoxy floor creates a durable and attractive, long-lasting coating for the garage.


  • Well priced alternative, durable – withstands heavy traffic
  • Waterproof, chemical- and Stain-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Customizable with a variety of colors/flakes mixes/metallic pigments


  • It can’t be used where moisture comes up from the ground
  • Perfectly prepared concrete before application
  • Power washing or Acid washing not enough for proper epoxy adhesion
  • All holes, cracks, and other imperfections could be visible on the final product
Garage Floor Epoxy

If you want to make your garage more comfortable, you should consider insulating the concrete slab. Always hire a pro if you need guaranteed results with an extended warranty. Please request a Free Estimate if you need our assistance.

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