A Better Way to Build with Insulated Metal Panels

Why DUOMIT install Insulated Metal Panels? When a Germany-based farm equipment manufacturer HALDRUP GmbH broke into the North American market. They had just one requirement: their new plant should be constructed of insulated metal panels (IMPs). IMPs are a staple in European construction. Where they are beloved for their economic value, easy assembly, and fantastic … Read moreA Better Way to Build with Insulated Metal Panels

Maintenance of Polished Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete Cleaning Tips The polished concrete floor is the latest trend amongst contractors from all across the world. Unlike Vinyl floor, polished concrete doesn’t require waxing and stripping every year and save the users a huge amount of money. However, every floor requires some sort of care and cost-effective maintenance to uphold its finish. How … Read moreMaintenance of Polished Concrete Floors

Choosing Epoxy Flooring System and Installer

Epoxy Coating Installer in New York Choosing the right epoxy system and the right contractor to install your flooring system can be a challenge. It’s not a job for a painting contractor, a janitorial or cleaning contractor, or your own maintenance/facility staff. Installing a resinous coating or topping over an old, eroded, or even a … Read moreChoosing Epoxy Flooring System and Installer

What is the best way to upgrade your old concrete floor?

The Best way to upgrade your old concrete floor? The Polished concrete is expensive and time-consuming, so in response, the New York City market has pushed for the so-called grind and seal flooring. When used as a professional flooring term, grind and seal refers to the preparation of the concrete floor by grinding it to … Read moreWhat is the best way to upgrade your old concrete floor?

Are you spending too much on your wood floors?

ARENA AND GYM WOOD FLOORS RENOVATION A wood floor is one of the most expensive and prestigious floor types and is an investment that should be protected. A wood floor maintained following the DUOMIT Wood Floor Program will deliver years of beauty, performance, safety, and durability. It is also easy to follow and cost effective. … Read moreAre you spending too much on your wood floors?

Moisture Insensitive Joint Filler

Anyone that has filled joints, knows that moisture is often a challenge that must be overcome. Whether it is from a scrubber that wasn’t supposed to be run, a leaky pipe or just plain old humidity, moisture will cause many polyurea joint fillers to swell and bubble. This reaction results in poor adhesion of the … Read moreMoisture Insensitive Joint Filler

Repair damaged construction joint arrises

No more disruption Damaged construction joints in a warehouse or factory floor can slow operations, and cause equipment damage too. Permaban Signature AR solves the problem once and for all. It’s a professional joint repair system which provides a strong, permanent solution for damaged floor joints. No more impact, no more damage At the heart … Read moreRepair damaged construction joint arrises

Understanding Polished Concrete

Polished concrete, discovered roughly 14 years ago, has etched its way into history as a sustainable, low maintenance flooring option in just about every market segment. We have all walked across a polished concrete surface at some point within the past few years. It is such a popular and fast-growing industry, that in many cases … Read moreUnderstanding Polished Concrete

Maintaining resin-coated concrete floors

What you don’t know about chemistry could come back to haunt you in the form of customers dissatisfied with performance. Architects specify epoxy, methyl methacrylate (MMA), and cementitious urethane to counteract concrete’s inherent porosity. Unlike penetrating sealers that scratch and scrape away, coatings lay on top of the surface to form a barrier against anything … Read moreMaintaining resin-coated concrete floors