Line Striping – Safety Floor Marking

How Can Floor Marking Improve Safety?

Why Floor Marking and Line Striping is important? Modern workplaces, however safe they may be, are fraught with hazards. Moreover, forklifts, energized equipment, loading docks, busy warehouses, and other hazards can make it difficult for employees to work and move safely throughout a facility. Therefore, an effective way to improve organization and safety is by using floor markings.

Surely, the lines, stripes, and dots lining facility floors can create order, mitigate hazards wherever possible and keep employees away from dangerous areas. OSHA addresses floor marking specifically in its standard on materials handling and storage (29 CFR 1910.176).

To point out, we take pride in our work quality. Therefore, with over 15 years of experience and knowledge, we provide several floor marking applications for various industrial facilities, commercial buildings, food storage, parking garages, and processing plants.

Where Can Floor Marking Be Used?

In fact, using high visibility and durable floor marking to establish restricted areas, unsafe areas, and travel lanes and direct people to their destinations helps keep a facility safe and organized. Other areas that the Contractor should mark include:

  • Applicators should mark any locations where pedestrian and vehicle traffic lanes cross to keep them highly visible.
  • Mark floors to show areas where hazardous materials are stored
  • Mark off designated areas used for forklift parking and re-charging
  • Use striping to mark areas near the edges of loading docks (create a warning track)
  • Mark areas at ends of aisles to indicate safe clearances for making turns
  • Use phosphorescent marking and color-coded floor marking to guide people to emergency exits or work areas

Furthermore, overall, the goal is to use various floor marking colors and safety tapes to control traffic, keep motorized traffic within safe areas, and keep foot traffic separate from motorized. Thus, floor line painting provides an effective means of organizing and improving productivity.

What is Line Striping?

Line Striping - Floor Marking


  • Different types of floor marking tapes are in use for temporary and permanent markings. And are ideal for light traffic facilities. Some tapes have the capabilities to be in use in cold storage facilities.
  • Aisle Marking Paints are quick-drying materials and have longer durability depending upon the traffic conditions and usually providing less downtime.
  • We are applying a clear seal coat over the painted lines or floor signs. So, Add longer durability life to the floor markings in heavy traffic facilities.
  • Epoxy paints are very durable, ideal for heavy traffic facilities. And can last up to 5 years before recoating may be necessary depending on the traffic conditions.
  • An epoxy clear coat adds durability and makes cleaning easier. Epoxies curing time is longer than water-based paints. However, it will increase the longevity of the product.

Lastly, Line Striping is one of our most trendy projects. Also, We use a range of solutions, including glow dark Thermoplastic:

In general, we use a line striper and special protective equipment. So, we deliver high-quality line marking services to our customers across New York and New Jersey.

Finally, line markings are in use worldwide, from your local pavement markings to pedestrian walkways and color standards cycle lanes. Thus, they provide a useful function in an innumerable range of circumstances. So, it’s no surprise they are one of our most requested services. Request your Free Estimate today.